estiatorio milos holiday gift boxes 2020

Due to high demand, we have SOLD OUT of our holiday gift boxes. Thank you for your orders!

We will post updates on this page for our next gift box when available.



Our limited edition holiday gift box presents a collection of Greek classics:


Extra virgin olive oil

Pure Thyme Honey from the village of Mitata

Kytherian Afrala (Fleur de sel from the Aegean Sea)


All our products are sourced from artisans on the remote island of Kythira and come in the most beautifully hand crafted ceramic pieces created for Milos by father and son ceramicists, George and Michalis Mikelis.

Each box is hand-packed with care by our team, seasonally wrapped for your loved ones, friends and clients.

From the Milos family to yours, Happy Holidays!

estiatorio milos holiday gift boxes 2020


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Part 1: Thyme Honey from Kythira

One thousand feet above the tranquil and storied Aegean Sea lies Mitata, a serene village on the island of Kythira, the likely birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love or Melissa – the Queen Bee – as they used to call her.

Here, in Mitata, you will find 77 inhabitants and a centuries old tradition of honey making. What makes the honey of Mitata unlike almost all others are the surrounding fields of wild thyme. Also deserving of credit are the local bees.

Not many years ago, Manolis Protopsaltis, young son of the village’s master beekeeper, was facing a dilemma: moving to Athens in search of a modern lifestyle, or staying in his native village to continue the family tradition of making this cherished honey?

It was then that Manolis crossed roads with Milos’ founder, Costas Spiliadis who has made it a mission to help young people embrace and continue the tradition of Greek gastronomy.

Costas’ excitement to stand by Manolis and support his art of beekeeping and honey-making helped Manolis make his decision.

Now, for a second year, Costas and Manolis are proud to offer you, the devoted guests of Milos and lovers of Greek food, the product of their collaboration, the finest honey in the world.


Part 2: Afrala – Fleur de Sel from the Aegean Sea

On the southern coast of the remote Greek island of Kythira, sea salt is harvested by hand in the ancient way. The prized grains are hidden within the rocky beaches in cavities where the Aegean Sea washes against the shore. Salt is captured from the shallow pools.

Here, harvesters leap from rock to rock, gathering the unmatched treasure. Their tools are primitive, baskets and oversized slotted spoons. The salt grains are carefully dried in the Mediterranean sun. 

Sea salt collected in this manner is called “afrala.” Much like the French fleur de sel, it is salt from a natural source, in its purest crystalline form. It contains natural minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium. In taste, texture and origin, it is possibly the purest salt on earth.

Our hopes are that you will not only enjoy it for its wonderful health benefits, but also for the truly unique way in which it enhances the flavors of any Mediterranean dish. 


Stay tuned for Part 3!