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Taste Through Simplicity

There’s something strikingly simple about the Mediterranean. It goes beyond the clarity of the water or the starkness of the architecture. Nothing expresses this better than the delicious simplicity of Greek cuisine. Welcome to Milos.

Our Gastronomy

Begins at Sea

Behind exquisite fish and seafood stand the ancient practices of early rise and herculean effort--from a fisherman’s boat all the way to a chef’s kitchen.
Even our salt is part of a unique process, as it is collected off the rocks of certain islands in the Aegean.

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Raw Materials

Olive Oil

From centuries-old Koroneiki trees come the small, aromatic olives that we pick by hand and cold-press for our olive oil.


One thousand feet above the Aegean Sea, the tradition of honeymaking is preserved by generations of local beekeepers.

Vegetables & Fruits

And our fruits and vegetables are sourced from local farmers just as passionate about quality as we are.

Artisan Precision

Our philosophy is simple. We are devoted to cooking fish perfectly. It is our life’s work.

Ingredients are everything, the focus and foundation of our cuisine.

Our ingredients, gently handled, inspire us and our gastronomy.

Simplicity By Design

Each dish is a discovery. Minimalism and natural flavors define our cuisine.

Where Sharing is Our Tradition

At Milos we believe in philoxenia, the art of Greek hospitality, gathering at a table to share a meal.

Across the World

Since the first estiatorio Milos was founded in Montreal in 1979, our refined gastronomy has transcended the globe and acquired passionate fans in all of our locations.

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