Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Costas Spiliadis pioneered North America’s Hellenic food scene by introducing high-end food, wine and hospitality from the islands of Greece. estiatorio Milos has a long-standing reputation for serving the freshest, most pristine Mediterranean seafood and Spiliadis’ restaurants demonstrate a great commitment to serving quality ingredients from around the world. For almost forty years, he has cultivated relationships with fishermen in and around the Greek islands and elsewhere to source the highest quality catches.

Spiliadis, founder and Chief Executive Officer of estiatorio Milos, first arrived in New York in 1966 from his native Patras, Greece. He moved to the states to study sociology and eventually settled in Montreal, an important culinary capital, ultimately leading Spiliadis to dive head first into the restaurant industry, realizing his passion for hospitality and home cooking that he learned from his mother.

In 1979, he opened the first location of estiatorio Milos in Montreal. Milos rapidly became one of the city’s most influential dining destinations, introducing new tastes and culinary experiences, and known for the quality and simplicity of ingredients and preparations. For this landmark Montreal restaurant, Spiliadis drove twice a week to New York’s Fulton Street Fish Market to ensure he was getting the world’s best catch. Following his great success in Montreal, Spiliadis opened a second location of estiatorio Milos in 1997 in New York City. To maintain the same quality of ingredients, he worked directly with a curated group of Greek fishermen on the island of Kythera and other greek islands to cast their lines into the Mediterranean every midnight to provide the freshest products for his diners.

Spiliadis’ vision came full circle when, in 2004, estiatorio Milos opened in Athens, in accordance with the Olympics in Greece. Due to its international reputation, estiatorio Milos possessed the ability to expand with restaurant openings in Las Vegas in 2010, Miami in 2012, and London in 2015. The group’s first Markato opened in April 2018, showcasing Greece and the world’s finest ingredients in a specialty retail store adjacent to the Milos New York location on 55th street.

Most recently, in March 2019, Spiliadis opened a second estiatorio Milos in New York as part of the Hudson Yards development. Milos Wine Bar, the newest concept for the estiatorio Milos brand, is also now open at Hudson Yards serving exclusively Greek wines by the glass to encourage exploration of Greece’s wine regions. Also on display at the Wine Bar is a traditional Greek Yogurt Bar showcasing the in-house straining process, and a retail selection of Milos’ proprietary packaged goods.

Moving into the fifth decade, Costas continues to pursue his mission to enhance the world’s perception of Greek natural cuisine, with new estiatorio Milos restaurants in other parts of the world, new projects focusing on the explosive renaissance of Greek wines and the creation of an Academy of Greek Gastronomy in his beloved island of Kythera.