Costas Spiliadis, founder of estiatorio Milos, first arrived in New York in 1966 from his native Patras, a port city near the ancient Greek village of Olympia. He acquired his passion for home cooking from his mother before leaving home to study at New York University in Manhattan and Concordia University in Montreal. In 1979, he opened the first estiatorio Milos location in Montreal, which rapidly became one of the city’s most influential dining destinations.

Widely celebrated as a pioneer of the Hellenic food scene, Costas introduced North America to high-end seafood from the islands of Greece.

Since introducing his first estiatorio Milos in Montreal in 1979, his restaurant collection has grown to include New York Midtown (1997), Athens (2004), Las Vegas (2010), Miami (2012), London (2015), and New York Hudson Yards (2019). Milos has developed a long-standing reputation for serving the freshest, most pristine Mediterranean seafood and has become internationally renown for its exceptional and refined approach to the Grecian culinary tradition.

Costas’ restaurants demonstrate a great commitment to the sourcing of quality ingredients. For over forty years, he has cultivated relationships with fisherman and farmers in and around the Greek islands to source the highest quality ingredients. His objective has always been food in its purest form, simple and perfect, utilizing the freshest, most pristine ingredients and applying precision in cooking so that interference with nature is minimal. He preaches a food culture based on the fact that ingredients are so beautiful that any attempt to tamper with them is philosophically and pragmatically wrong. Every ingredient has a purpose and less is definitely more: it’s the art of simplicity in the search for perfection – an ancient Hellenic ideal, scientific to the core and espousing exactitude, which manifested itself throughout the vast Greek empire not only in cooking, philosophy, politics and art but very prominently in architecture.

Over forty years of effort and focused passion towards his mission, grounded in millennia of Greek tradition, has enabled him to distinguish himself as one of the most influential chefs internationally, offering his guests, in an increasingly chaotic and disorganized world, exquisitely simple dishes of the highest order where flavor prevails.

His culinary empire has brought him many accolades, yet his inspiration remains his purpose to enhance the perception of Greek cuisine internationally.