Chef owner Costas Spiliadis of Estiatorio Milos, who introduced to the world authentic Greek coastal cuisine is now offering to his guests a rare opportunity to experience firsthand the islands of Greece through his two yachts. Costas has personally selected unique islands and locations that represent his vision of Greece, while on board the chef from Estiatorio Milos in Athens will offer the guests the complete Milos experience.

The idea behind this new venture Milos at Sea, is to combine the experience of sea travel with the culinary philosophy of Costas Spiliadis, a renowned chef and founder of the internationally acclaimed Milos restaurants, Montreal (1979), New York (1997), Athens (2004), Las Vegas (2010), Miami (2012) and London (2015). He is well known in the connoisseur circles of sea food gastronomy as he always displays fundamental culinary values to his guests.

The starting point for Milos at Sea concept was our desire to initiate more of our guests to the Greek culture. This time at sea, because it is there that gastronomy delight soars to an all new level. Travel on sea paths between East and West recalls the Greek universe, bearing its archaic heritage.

Experiencing the sea and sun in generous and lavish natural surroundings is now linked to the simplicity of culinary art, the purity of ingredients and the quality of raw materials; this time at sea, because it is there that gastronomy delight is transformed to a cultural journey, a way to think, eat, drink and live.

Faithful to the Milos reputation for impeccable service and attention to detail, Milos At Sea offers a unique experience in the Greek islands accompanied with the world-renowned Milos cuisine.



Milos at Sea 113′ can comfortably accommodate a company of ten for a period of a minimum of seven days. The destinations are subject to free choice and captain Sifis is always there to discuss with the guests and propose exciting places along the Greek coast line and islands. While at sea, meals are prepared following the principles and methods of the Milos cuisine. A guest can choose from a long list of activities: cooking lessons, wine and cheese tasting and fishing are just some of them. The unique experience of relaxation at sea is safeguarded by the warm, professional and discreet presence of captain Sifis Kontorinis and his crew.

The menus are organized around breakfast, lunch and dinner with choices made by Costas Spiliadis’s personal chef, who guarantees high quality results. A faithful follower of Milos philosophy, caters for the quality of raw materials, minimum processing, sincerity and simplicity in gastronomic delight.


Milos at Sea has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 guests overnight in 4 cabins, comprising a Master Suite, 1 VIP stateroom, 2 Twin cabins (equipped with an extra Pullman berth, each). All cabins have their own en-suite bathrooms.

Their ergonomic virtues combined with comfort and style offer a pleasant environment for a long stay at sea. Inside the yacht the comfortable lounge adjoined to the spacious dining area and the two big screens is the focal point of meeting and relaxation with a panoramic view of the sea.

In dialectical relationship with the interior, the two level deck with the dining areas and the comfortable sofas offer themselves for multiple occasions for socializing: relaxing, enjoying the view or gatherings around a table with the horizon in a leading role before your eyes.

Master Suite

VIP stateroom

Twin cabin

Twin cabin


Faithful to the Milos reputation for impeccable service and attention to detail, Milos At Sea Yacht offers a unique experience to Greek sea environment accompanied with the world-renowned Milos cuisine.

Our experienced staff and crew will custom design your cruise and plan your days based on your interests. Perhaps you’d like to simply relax and spend your days swimming in secluded coves, basking in the sun and enjoining the peace and quiet. Maybe your idea of the perfect vacation is an epicurean journey through the foods and wines of Greece, while also sampling the bustling island ports and nightlife. Then again, you may be a devotee of Greek cultures, and want to immerse yourself in our ancient and modern heritage. For most people, a bit of everything sounds just about right. So what’s the right balance for you? Simply talk to us. We’ll design the perfect itinerary, and build in flexibility so you can change your mind and re-set course any time.


The proper and thorough functioning of the yacht, a safe journey, a comfortable stay and the quality of service on board, all depend on the efficiency and effectiveness of the crew.
There are six members in the crew, under the command of captain Sifis Kontorinis, a professional with extensive experience in yachting.

He is an expert in the Greek waters and coastlines, as well as a professional diver, lifeguard and a very resourceful person. Moreover, Sifis is an obliging and helpful guide when it comes to cultural Greek treasures. Tireless and discreet, he and his crew guarantee that your experience aboard Milos at Sea will be unforgettable.

Our crew and captain will be your guide to Greece’s geographic and cultural treasures. Outgoing, tireless and discreet, he is dedicated to ensuring your Milos At Sea experience is unforgettable.


Milos Yacht 56′ (built 2006) is an award-winning Aicon 56 feet flybridge cruiser that is available for private charters and accommodates up to 6 guests. The harmonious spaces highlight the ease of life on board, making this a very popular yacht.

With a cruising speed of 28 knots, you and your party have access to thousands of destinations on the Greek coast and islands, while travelling in absolute comfort.


Milos Motor Yacht offers A Master Suite, a VIP suite and a twin bed cabin, each equipped with an ensuite head and shower. The cabin areas ensure privacy and relaxation to the passengers.

The elegant yet unpretentious interior is the ideal backdrop to your Greek island escape. You can lounge in comfort, or unwind with friends and wine in the common areas below or on deck.There is also a convenient day head off the salon and an additional dining area located astern. A large sun pad is to be found in the bow for the guests to the sea scenery while sunbathing. The fully equipped yacht galley is on the left side of the boat, isolated from the living area yet adjoined to the lounge.

Throughout the interior, the color palette is subdued and primarily earth toned, harmonizing with matte wood finishing and cool fabrics.

                Master Suite

                VIP stateroom

                Twin cabin


The Milos at Sea experience starts at a modern marina in the south coast of Athens. The voyage is planned with the captain’s assistance as to whichever destination the guests opt for. Deserted beaches, small coves, archaeological sites or cosmopolitan towns are some of the destinations indicative of the range of options at hand.

High quality raw materials from the Greek country side at a perfect simplicity is the base of Milos cuisine on board the Milos 56′. All food served on board conforms to Estiatorio Milos’ high standards. The freshest local ingredients are cooked to perfection and presented with simple elegance.

Menu items include fresh fish (catch of the day) and seafood, mouthwatering salads, local cheeses, homemade pies, warm bread and of course our very own Milos products. A selection of exceptional Greek and international wines will be made available to you to complete a full taste experience.


Crewed by our experienced captain and first mate, the service is at once warm, professional and discreet. Captain’s intimate knowledge of the Greek coastline and islands is crucial for planning your itinerary…or simply improvise your dance among the glorious Mediterranean pleasure grounds of Greece.


If you are interested in experiencing Milos at Sea, learn about rates or require any other information, the Milos at Sea team will be very happy to promptly answer all of your questions.

Please contact us at: info@milosatsea.com